Fia A.

So incredibly lovely to always have access to icy cold water. I sit in the tub almost every morning in it and meditate for a few minutes! It’s a fantastic start to the day. Thank you for creating such an incredible product!!

Annika C.

I use the Cold Tub as a plunge pool to cool down and get my blood circulation going when I am having a sauna or using my 38c whirlpool. With the Cold Tub I can make my sauna rituals last longer as I can mix hot and cold without having a lake or snow close. Just...

Gunnel W.

The Cold Tub is absolutely fantastic. Excellent on the porch by the sauna and easy to get in. It’s a meditative moment in the tub with ice-cold water. Now I can finally get a cold bath every day.

Sofia S.

Waatea Cold Tub is genuinely an investment in your well-being! fter a cold bath, you also feel so evident in the head and get a warming feeling in your whole body. As a new cold bather, I have become accustomed to a falling temperature every day, and I sleep much...

Gösta F.

Waatea Cold Cub is the best investment you can make for your health. It has very high quality and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. I have tried so many other tubs, but this one is definitely the best!