How Waatea works

Everything you need to start using your Cold Tub

Set up your Waatea Cold Tub in no time and start bathing in exactly the way you want.

Choose a place where the tub fits

Remember that the water must be able to drain out from the bottom and ensure that the tub is placed on a solid surface, preferably in the shade.

Top up with water! Hot or cold, you decide

Not warmer than 45 degrees, the lower limit you decide. With ice, you lower the temperature quicker. We recommend a thermometer.

Aqua Vide Ice Spa Cleaner keeps the water clean

The bathwater stays clean longer when you use Aqua Vide Ice Spa Cleaner. It dissolves dirt and bacteria.

Jump in and enjoy, attach lid and canopy after the bath

Waatea Cold Tub is meant to be used a lot. It can stand outdoors all year round. After the bath, the lid and canopy must be attached, for safety reasons.

No electricity. Insulation and double walls makes the temperature last for a long time

This tub works much like a thermos, you fill it up with the temperature you want, and the double walls make the temperature last a long time, warm or cold.