Installation Waatea coldtub

NOTE! Read this before you start!

Waatea Cold Tub comes with an insulating lid and a cover with a strap. For safety reasons, the lid should always be used under the cover. The strap must be tightened tightly. The cover is mainly there to prevent children and pets from falling into the tub. Think of the risk of drowning and never leave a tub with water unattended!

The person who installs and uses the Waatea Cold Tub is responsible for its placement and that it’s operated correctly. WARNING! Children and persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capacity or lack of experience and knowledge should only use the Waatea Cold Tub if they are supervised and instructed in how to use it safely and if they understand the risks associated with the use of the device. Children are not allowed to play with the Waatea Cold Tub without supervision. Children are not allowed to clean the Waatea Cold Tub or perform maintenance on it without supervision.

The carefully selected plastic in Waatea Cold Tub is rigid and thus cold-resistant with a thickness of 4-7 millimeters so that it can stand outside all year round. The softness of the plastic also means that it can bulge at the bottom or inside. This is normal, and the tub is not damaged by it.

Waatea Cold Tub is intended for bathing in hot and cold water. Do not exceed 45 degrees even if the barrel supports a higher temperature.

Waatea Cold Tub doesn’t break if the water in it freezes to ice, but keep in mind that it can be challenging to thaw the ice. Never use an ice pick or other pointed tool; the inner wall and bottom may be damaged. If the tub is outside in the severe cold so that thick ice forms – pour in hot water, not above 45 degrees, so that the ice detaches from the wall and can be lifted off.

Never bathe with high-heeled or studded shoes. The plastic can be scratched or, in the worst case, crack. Keep in mind that the inner wall and bottom are more fragile than the outer wall.

Be careful when choosing where to place the Waatea Cold Tub. The tub weighs 25 kilos, including lid and cover. With 200 liters of water in the tub, the weight will be 225 kilos, the weight from the person who bathes will be added, it will be about 300 kilos in total. We recommend adding Aqua Vide Ice Spa Cleaner to the bathwater when filling the tub. It helps keep the water clean longer.

For people with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, we recommend that you consult your doctor before bathing in ice-cold water. Pregnant women should not bathe. Also, avoid swimming after drinking alcohol.

Waatea Cold Tub is placed on an even surface where it stands firmly. The surface must also handle the weight of the filled tub and a person bathing, a total of about 300 kilos. Be sure to choose a place where the water can drain from the bottom when emptying. It is good if the tub can be raised slightly, then, of course, the water flows out more smoothly. A smart alternative is to use a simple water pump and a few meters of hose (available at the nearest hobby/leisure store) if you want to place the tub in a place where it is unsuitable for draining the water. It is also good to place the tub in the shade so that the water in it is not heated by the sun. Cool water stays clean longer.

Rinse the tub with water if it has been unused for a while. Clean more thoroughly if necessary. We recommend a mild detergent. See the section Care, cleaning, and storage.

Check that the bottom plug is plugged in.

Fill the Waatea Cold Tub with water up to 10 cm from the upper edge, which means 200 liters of water. The total volume of the tub is 250 liters. Your temperature desires determine whether you fill with hot or cold water.

For frigid bathwater, fill with loose ice or place some ice-filled cans / PET bottles in the tub. For warmer water, top up with hot water.

We recommend a bath thermometer to check the water temperature.

We recommend that you use Aqua Vide Ice Spa Cleaner in the bathing water. It dissolves calcium, dirt, and bacteria and makes the bathing water stay clean longer. For dosage, see the label on the bottle. Stir.

Feel free to shower before bathing in the Waatea tub, and then the water stays clean longer.

Remember that your feet should be clean. Wear shoes/slippers until you bathe, or use a small tub of water to rinse your feet.

After the bath, the insulating lid and the cover must be fitted. NOTE! The cover is a safety device and should sit on the tub when not in use. Tighten the strap tightly. It’s hard to open the buckle, and that’s the point.

At the next bath, top up with ice or hot water until the desired bath temperature is reached. Change bathwater when it no longer feels fresh.

Care, cleaning, and storage

Change bathwater when it no longer feels clean. If you use Aqua Vide Ice Spa Cleaner or similar in the bathwater, it may be enough to rinse the tub when changing the water. For coarser soiling, use a dish brush or soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid scratching the plastic surface and use a mild detergent if necessary.

The carefully selected plastic in Waatea Cold Tub is rigid and thus cold resistant with a thickness of 4-7 millimeters. The softness of the plastic means that it can bulge at the bottom or inside. This is normal, and the tub is not damaged by it.

When not using your Waatea Cold Tub, store it upright with the lid and cover on. This applies both when it is filled with water and when it is empty. The tub can be outdoors all year round.