Waatea Cold Tub


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Refreshingly cold or relaxing hot? With Waatea Cold Tub, you are always close to a bath. A cold bath on the terrace, in the mountain cabin, outside the sauna, next to the whirlpool – or why not take a warm bath under the stars a cold winter’s evening?

Stylish Waatea Cold Tub is an easy way to bathe in precisely the temperature you like, all year round. Fill the tub with ice-cold or hot water for your requirements and season. Sink into the tub and enjoy.

Comes with an insulating lid, a bottom plug and a cover.

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100% Satisfaction, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 5 year warranty.

Food approved

Developed and produced
in Sweden

Easy to empty

Stylish design

Well insulated and keeps
the water temperature for a long time

The construction with double walls in food-approved, robust, durable, and UV-resistant plastic, quality insulation in polystyrene, and an insulating lid is unique and provides a tub that works just like a thermos. This is what keeps the water temperature from shifting, even between baths. At the next bath, top up with ice or hot water as needed. An outlet with a standard plug at the bottom makes emptying and cleaning a simple matter. All parts are developed, tested, and produced in Sweden, and we provide a 5-year warranty.

Waatea Cold Tub is lightweight and easy to use, and fits everywhere. No installation and no electricity is needed. The only thing required is a base that can handle a total weight of about 300 kilos and that the tub stands stable. Read more

Additional information


250 liters, up to 10 cm from the edge holds 200 liters of water.

External dimensions

Height 65 cm, diameter 83 cm

Internal dimensions

Depth 60 cm, diameter 75 cm

Wall thickness

45 mm


25 kilos, including lid and canopy. With 200 liters of water in the hot tub, the weight is 225 kilos. In addition, the weight of the person bathing, count on a total of about 300 kilos


Lively granite, the color can vary slightly between production occasions, each hot tub is unique

Comes with

Bottom plug, insulating lid and canopy


The tub can withstand 50 degrees hot water


After the bath, the lid and the canopy should be placed on the hot tub. Tighten the canopy strap tightly


The tub is made of food-grade, UV-resistant polyethylene, molded in one piece. The insulation is made of polystyrene. The lid is made of cell polyethylene with closed cells, it is UV-stabilized and waterproof, 50 mm thick. The canopy consists of polyester and PVC, it is UV-stabilized and mold resistant


Produced in Sweden


5 year warranty


The entire tub can be recycled

Food approved

Easy to empty

Manufactured and developed
in Sweden

Stylish design

Well insulated and keeps
the water temperature for a long time

What others are saying about Waatea Cold Tub

{So incredibly lovely to always have access to icy cold water. I sit in the tub almost every morning in it and meditate for a few minutes! It's a fantastic start to the day. Thank you for creating such an incredible product!!
Fia A.
{I use the Cold Tub as a plunge pool to cool down and get my blood circulation going when I am having a sauna or using my 38c whirlpool. With the Cold Tub I can make my sauna rituals last longer as I can mix hot and cold without having a lake or snow close. Just brilliant!
Annika C.
{The Cold Tub is absolutely fantastic. Excellent on the porch by the sauna and easy to get in. It's a meditative moment in the tub with ice-cold water. Now I can finally get a cold bath every day.
Gunnel W.
{Waatea Cold Tub is genuinely an investment in your well-being! fter a cold bath, you also feel so evident in the head and get a warming feeling in your whole body. As a new cold bather, I have become accustomed to a falling temperature every day, and I sleep much better with my new routine. Wonderful!
Sofia S.